Hello there! It’s good to see you.

I am thrilled you’re here and super excited for you, whether you are planning for pregnancy or are already pregnant, an exciting new chapter awaits you. This might be your first time pregnant (or trying to conceive), or perhaps you’ve experienced a miscarriage or more; are pregnant with your second, third or fourth baby... whatever your exact situation, you are about to embark on what can be a healthy and happy pregnancy journey for you and your baby.

Hi, my name is Bianka and I am the proud mum of a healthy and happy baby girl with a passion for health and wellbeing. I began my foray into healthy living over a decade ago and am an avid reader of anything related to this topic. When my husband Scott and I decided to start a family four years ago, I made it my mission to learn everything I could about giving our baby the best possible start in life. 

This decision was heavily fuelled by the loss of our first pregnancy. 

In June 2015 I lost our baby “Bob” at 9 weeks. I thought we were healthy; I thought my body was ready for pregnancy. My husband Scott and I were completely unprepared for what unfolded one ordinary Sunday afternoon and we were absolutely heartbroken and distraught when I lost our baby. It was the saddest experience of my life and after grieving the loss, I started to ask questions. I wondered if there was anything I could do differently to reduce the risk of another miscarriage.

Losing our baby was the catalyst for ongoing research and learning. This involved consulting with health practitioners, attending events, and reading an abundance of material on the topic of pregnancy. And then implementing what I’d learned.

Scott and I prepared for our second pregnancy by eating a balanced diet of organic whole foods, eliminating alcohol, caffeine and other toxins from our life, using quality practitioner supplements to boost our levels of key nutrients, and exercising regularly. We followed this lifestyle for six months prior to trying to conceive. When we started trying, we fell pregnant immediately. I then followed a nutrient dense meal plan throughout pregnancy and enjoyed a complication free pregnancy that culminated in an intervention free, calm, private midwife assisted, home birth. Our daughter Allegra was born on 5th November 2016, a bundle of joy and good health. Allegra continues to thrive and does not have any health issues. 

It is my journey through pregnancy into motherhood that inspired the creation of 40 Weeks. My deepest desire and wish is for all parents to enjoy a happy and healthy pregnancy and baby. 40 Weeks is designed to inform, inspire, empower and motivate couples and women who are trying to conceive and women who are already pregnant to make health and lifestyle choices that enable them to experience a wondrous, magical and blossoming pregnancy journey too.